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Many businesses are now using Snapchat to promote their brand, product and services. If you’re currently using this platform for your business, it’s important that you know how to measure your progress.You need Snapchat Performance Metrics and you must know how to use the report generated to improve your Snapchat marketing campaign.This article will give you 5 Snapchat Metrics to help you get the best result.


The Total Opens includes the sum of all the views across all your Snapchat stories. This helps you to evaluate the success of your strategies in 2 ways: Content and Growth.If you are not seeing the improvement that you expected from your Snapchat marketing campaign, then you need to review your growth and content strategies.


Your users need to like and find your snap valuable, if they don’t, they will most likely not check out other snaps in your story.So you need to re-evaluate your snaps to make sure they are interesting, funny, catchy and most importantly, useful. Get feedbacks from others if you need to. Your snap must always give value to your users. It must fulfil a need, whether it’s just to bring up an emotion or pass information.Give your users something to anticipate. Your snaps are telling some form of stories so tell your stories wisely. Let them take your users on a journey. If it’s videos, give them a reason to follow through. If they are not following through, it means your stories aren’t interesting or compelling enough, so you need to work on that.Businesses that are profiting from Snapchat usually tell short stories of 1-2 minutes. It’s just enough to get people interested without getting bored. You can ask what your audience prefers if you are not sure. This makes them feel like they are part of your process.


Evaluate your growth strategy to make sure you are reaching your target market and you are actively engaged with your audience.Have someone on your team that is dedicated to making sure you’re meeting your growth target.


Snapchat open rates will give you the average number of users who have been actively engaged with your stories.This is related to total opens but this helps you to push your growth strategies to the forefront so as to help boost the success of your Snapchat marketing campaign.If you want to make sure that you have a large audience that are engaging with your stories, you can share your Snapcode with the relevant audiences or share it at all your events and on all your other social media platforms.Snapcode allows you to quickly add new users by scanning the Snapcodes you've previously made screenshots of on your device. Another trick is to repurpose your Snapchat stories and use them to target audiences on all your other social media platforms. Share parts of the stories on other platforms with links directing them back to your Snapchat to finish the stories.All these tricks will bring you success if you have the right person managing your Growth strategy. You cannot afford to downplay this role.


Screenshot shows you how engaged your audience is. It gives you the summary of all the screenshots for all the snaps in your stories. This gives you reports on how many times your users have saved snaps from your stories.To get more screenshot snaps, make sure you have enough interesting and valuable contents scheduled for at least 6 months or the whole year. This means you’re prepared ahead of time. You are not just rushing to provide contents per time. You can always improve on whatever content you have prepared ahead of time.This also keeps you updated and helps you to incorporate new ideas along the way.


This shows you the percentage of users that have read and completed your stories. This helps you to determine how loyal your audience is.It tells you whether they are only checking out your initial snaps before moving on or whether are really interested in your contents.You can always determine your completion rates by creating contents in series form. Post short but incomplete stories that keep them interested enough to anticipate the next part till the story is completed. This will get them talking because they are really interested in seeing what comes next. Make sure you join in the discussions. This encourages them to wait.Remember to add to texts to all your snaps. This will help to actively engage your audience.You can add a Call-To-Action to your snaps. It gives your audience instruction on what to do next. You can also send a snap to your audience with the same snap in your story. This notifies them that you’ve posted the next part of the story or that you’ve started a new story.This is because most users turn off their story notifications, so by pinging them with an update, you help to increase your completion rates.


This helps you find out how your followers are adding you or where they came from. By finding out the source, you can optimize that source.For instance, most Snapchat users are added by username but if you notice that most users are adding you through your Snapcode, then it would be wise to promote your Snapcode more on various channels instead of spending more resources on promoting your username or telephone number.Always make sure that your users follow you back when you add them. You can confirm by checking the user’s snap score. Tap on their username and you’ll see their Snapcode with an avatar image, username, and score. The score shows you how many snaps they’ve sent. If you can’t see their snap score, it means they’ve not followed you.You should contact them to follow you. That way, you can be sure they will get your stories.


These 5 metrics explained above will help you measure your performance on Snapchat and also show you areas that need improvement. This will help ensure that your Snapchat marketing is successful.